RS Taichi Drymaster Prime All Season Jacket

Manufacture: RS TAICHI
The nice thing about it is the Drymaster waterproofing. All of the other "All Season" jackets use a water resistant material, but do not have an actual waterproof membrane or waterproof zippers and seams. So they are fine for misty days or getting caught in a quick shower, but should not be considered waterproof. "Drymaster" is basically Taichi's version of a membrane similar to Gore-Tex. It is a highly breathable, completely waterproof membrane, and the DM Prime uses fully waterproof zippers and sealed seams to be 100% waterproof. It comes with a great liner, which, while not separately wearable, has the really nice feature of zippered vents to let out some humidity or let in a bit of freshness without having to remove the liner. Great for when you have worked up a little sweat on an otherwise cool/cold day and need to manage your body heat and moisture to prevent getting chilled later. Those vents also line up with the outer shell's big vents. And we mean B I G. The torso vents on the DM Prime run all the way around the rib cage. They are two way zippers so you can control how much of the vent to open, where to open, and/or to leave part of the vent zipped to prevent billowing. These vents, of course, run all the way through to the interior mesh material (i.e. are not in any way blocked by the waterproofing or interior layering like you find in so many under-engineered moto-jackets)

・Air vents on underarm and back waist
・3M Scotchlite TM reflector on back
・Removable insulated inner liner
・T-DRY mesh lining(Outer shell)
・Air vents on chest, upper arm and back
・Adjuster on upper and lower arms and waist
・CE armor on shoulders and elbows(adjustable)
・Perforated PE padding on back
・CPS(Chest Protector System)
・Teflon HT water repellent coating
・Reflector on arms, back and waist
・Adjuster on upper and lower arms and waist
・ E hard shell armor on shoulders and elbows(adjustable)
・CE back protector
・Hard shell chest protector
・Teflon HT water repellent coating
・T-DRY mesh lining(Outer shell)
・Removable insulated inner liner
・Adjuster on upper and lower arms and waist
・Taichi original super thin armor on shoulders and elbows(adjustable)
・Perforated PE padding on back

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