RS Taichi BOA Wrap Mesh Riding Shoes

Manufacture: RS TAICHI
Great Summer Riding Shoe!
Innovative BOA lacing system(M3 side spool) offers easy and quick adjustments. TPR protection on toe,
side ankle and heel, and Reflector on outside and heel.

Even the inner sole has a perforation to it, in order to allow better airflow through the shoe.

Has a solid shank VIBRAM sole for added comfort on and off the motorcycle.


  • Breathable mesh panels for airflow
  • VIBRAM sole
  • Shifter toe cover
  • Lace and velcro strap system for snug fit
  • Outer-shell material: Synthetic leather, cowhide leather and nylon
  • Inner materials: Polyester

*** Sizing on the RS Taichi RSS 008 can be confusing due to the Japanese size conversion.  We've found that the
Euro sizing printed on the Taichi boxes most accurately describes how the shoes truly fit.  Please be aware that
the US sizes listed on the Taichi issued size charts and printed on the shoe boxes are generally inaccurate.  
When ordering shoes, order your Euro size if you know it (for instance, if you wear a 43 in a Sidi shoe, order a 43
Taichi Delta shoe).  If you don't know your Euro size, use the chart below.***


Euro Sizes       US Sizes

37                      5        

38                      5.5

39                      6

40                      7

41                      8

42                      8.5
43                      9-9.5 
44                      10

45                      10.5-11
46                      11.5-12  

47                      12

48                      13


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