MWR High Efficiency & Standard Air Filter for the Ducati 851/888/Monster/ST/SS

Manufacture: MWR
SKU: MC-020-90-HE

Introducing the MWR High Efficiency air filter!

Featuring immediate and impressive performance gains with maximum protection even without additional changes such as exhaust, or tuning. Unlike any other air filter on the market, the MWR HE air filters revolutionary design ensures each throttle body will get the same amount of air.


Incoming turbulent air is stabilized and accelerated around the edge of the splitter-plate before passing through the filter into the airbox and throttle bodies. The net result is a greater volume of air evenly distributed through the airbox that both increases power and simplifies tuning.


This MWR High Efficiency open airbox airfilter will give the ultimate in performance. The holding frame will be screwed into the sides of the airbox. The airfilter includes screws & spacers. No modifications to the airbox are needed, just remove the lid of the airbox to install. It should also be known that intake noise will obviously increase with the HE Air Filter, as the top of the airbox is removed. On the bright side, it sounds GREAT!


Handmade in the Netherlands with top quality materials and unique from all other foam filters, MWR Air Filters are made entirely from a special Fire Resistant (FR) foam and use FR biodegradable filter oil, protecting both the environment and your engine.


All MWR Air Filters come pre-oiled and ready to install. Filters should be cleaned and re-oiled with MWR filter cleaner and oiled once to twice a year to ensure best performance and the longest filter life. Filters can be washed and oiled up to 25 times using MWR filter cleaner and oil.


Also available is the MWR Standard Performance Air Filter!

Featuring excellent performance with maximum protection. Not just a copy of the standard filter using a higher flowing material but also providing a better seal with the airbox itself.


MWR is always searching for solutions to optimize performance, protection, and fitment.

Please verify fitment to your bike by clicking on the "details" tab above.

  • MC-020-90-HE
  • MWR
Remapping the ECU or Fuel Control Module is recommend. Clean and re-oil filter at least once a year with only MWR filter oil and cleaner.

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