MWR Air Filter Pods for the Ducati 848/1098/1198/SF

Manufacture: MWR
SKU: MC-021-07

The filtration and power your bike needs!


If you own a Ducati 848/1098/1198 this is a must have item. Give us your money and thank us. If you don't know why, just read below:


These bikes have a flaw - the stock airfilter (and all the other "high performance" air filters modeled after it) are too narrow to actually seal the edges of the filter to the airbox on each side at once. Dozens of 1098s have lost engines after 15,000 miles due to this problem - solve it now with these great filters.


(there's plenty of proof of MWR solving this known problem on google)

The only reason not to buy this filter is if you would rather purchase the MWR Tube Filter, which is also a great option for the Ducati 848/1098/1198 and 1098 SF machines.

  • MC-021-07
  • MWR
Remapping the ECU or Fuel Control Module is recommend. Clean and re-oil the filter element at least once a year. Use only MWR filter oil and cleaner.

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