MWR Air Filter for the Ducati 996R/998

Manufacture: MWR
SKU: MC-020-98

The MWR Performance Air Filter for your Ducati 996R or 998 (all versions) replaces all the original filters with our single large Performance Air Filter. This filter offers a perfect seal, excellent protection, and a huge increase in surface area to allow more air into your engine, greatly increasing engine performance.


For optimum performance, please clear the intake ducts of the original filters/frames, and for proper installation, you must first disconnect the fuel and power from the secondary injectors then remove the complete injection system from the airbox before you can place the injection system inside of the MWR Air Filter and re-install in the original location.

  • MC-020-98
  • MWR
Remapping the ECU or Fuel Control Module is recommend. Clean and re-oil the filter element at least once a year. Use only MWR filter oil and cleaner.

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