Motobox Triumph Thruxton/Bonneville/Scrambler Integrated Taillight kit

Manufacture: Motobox
SKU: BON-01-3P-C

Motobox Slimline LED Fender Eliminator kit for all Triumph modern classics!


What makes our kit different than others on the market?

Well, first off, this is not specific to on model only, it works for the entire range of Triumph Modern Classics!, and when we designed this kit, our main goal was to make an awesome looking kit but maintain all stock features accessible. So what does that mean?, it means that it will never get in the way of stock features or bolt locations. This means, that for example, on thruxtons, you can remove the cowl and not have a huge bracket sticking out, the light will remain flush, clean and tidy under your seat so that you and your passenger can enjoy a rad ride in style.

Now, what about the Bonneville and Scrambler. Easy, bolt it up and you’ll be set to go! It’ll look just as good as it does on the Thruxton.

Our objective is to be the most versatile led kit on the market and we believe we accomplished that. you can guarantee you’ll have the best available LED units on the market, with the highest amount of LED’s per sq. inch available, and of course, ALWAYS covered by our lifetime warranty.

So what's in the box?

It includes LED unit, Block off plate, hardware, Micro LED license plate lighting and plug and play connector

This unit includes a “Plug and Play” connector

Gloss black


Please specify if your Triumph’s VIN number is beyond “521669” so we can include the correct relay in your order.

Please also specify the year and model of your Triumph


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