KNOX Hand Armour COVERT Glove V14

Manufacture: KNOX
SKU: 1011353010020V14
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Soft Leather Waterproof Motorcycle glove using OutDry® technology - the new innovation in waterproofing.

This patented technology replaces standard waterproof inserts that are used in allother motorcycle gloves and is a huge step forward in waterproof glove technology.

  • Major benefits for the Covert glove offered by OutDry Extreme Waterproofing:from Outdry
  • The OutDry® membrane is bonded directly to the shell and completelyseals the stitching. This ensures that the inner remains completely dry.
  • Perfect Fit - Increased Dexterity - because the membrane is bonded to the shell.This makes the glove thinner giving greater feel and sensitivity.
  • Windproof- With OutDry® bonded membrane technology, wind is blocked on the outer surface.With conventional construction, air can penetrate the exterior and fill the spacebetween shell and membrane.
  • Highly Breathable - The OutDry® System preventsmoisture build up between shell and membrane which allows body vapour to easilypush through the glove, keeping hands dry on the inside.
  • Other Features

  • Full 1.0mm Korean Cowhide construction.
  • Pittards digital goat leather 0.8mmoverlay used on palm and finger tips for increased durability.
  • Patented lowprofile Knox SPS system on palm for scaphoid protection.
  • Velcro wrist closurefor secure fit.
  • Waterproof zip used for ease of use when putting on/taking offthe glove.
  • Accordion stretch panels on fingers, thumb and top of hand for increasedflexibility.
  • Strategically placed 4mm biofoam panels placed on thumb, top ofhand and outer wrist.
  • Box construction fingers for increased dexterity.
  • Sizes S - XXL
  • Color - Black
  • Details
    • 1011353010020V14
    • KNOX

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