EVR CTS (Constant Torque System) Wet Slipper Clutch for 2013+ Husqvarna FC-450

Manufacture: EVR
SKU: FHU-450

The EVR slipper clutch is simply the BEST slipper clutch out there. It will help eliminate rear-wheel chatter and reduce chassis instability during aggressive downshifting. Slipper clutches reduce the engine-braking effect the makes the rear wheel hop around under heavy downshifting.


  • Patented technology that only moves the cover, not the drum reducing friction, wear, and rotating weight
  • Saves pounds of rotating weight, allowing your bike to rev faster!
  • Stops rear wheel hop under heavy braking for corner entry
  • Greatly reduces stress on your chain, increasing its life, and preventing catastrophic failures
  • Suitable for Racing, Track, and Street riding
  • Highly effective engine to clutch-to-rear wheel power management system decreases unwanted engine braking and rear wheel drag when braking hard for a corner
  • Prevents damage to the engine and gearbox by reducing the mechanical stress caused by the back-torque of the engine and avoiding any chance of over-revving
  • Provides better clutch feel and smoother action
  • Uses original friction plates, drive plates, and basket or the Billet basket also from EVR
  • Details
    • FHU-450
    • EVR

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